About Me

Hello, I am me. That is me in the pink with my late beautiful parents. We smiled a lot. Welcome to my fun filled page. I am going to take you on a journey on my lifestyle by design. I completely said fu*k my job and now I am pursuing my passion of travel and inspiration!

I am  20 somethin’, I don’t have any children and I am single. I do not own a home but I do have a car. I would subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle. I am frugal in travel as well as in my every day life. Come along.

I love traveling and connecting with different people around the world. However, I am in love with passion! Passionate people doing things that they love. I also am helping people find the things that they love to do. I am on a quest to change the world by!

I am also passionate about music. I love all types of music. More specifically, I have an interest in up and coming artists.