Your Talents Are Chasing You!!!

IMG_1109You ever catch yourself pulled back to your talents? Say you are trying to do something else but you’re being nagged by that ONE thing! Somehow it keeps haunting you.

Stalking you.

But yet you turn the other cheek?

I know how that feels. I am great with Psychology. Sometimes when I interact with people its almost like I have a sixth sense with emotions. I don’t know if I pick up on their energy or what. It’s a gift. It is something that I can’t explain. I went to undergrad for Psychology but honestly I didn’t learn a thing. Everything I know is a result of inner work. I know what I know because I looked inside and honed in on my natural talents.

Pretty scary stuff.

I can talk to people and they confide in me. I love it. I love getting close to people when they usually don’t allow that type of intimacy with anyone else. I love helping people with issues. I love hearing about their troubles. I love being that person they can talk to. Its amazing because I love that one on one time with people to get to know them. I love to understand what makes people smile; WHAT IGNITES THEM. I love to discover why indiviuals like the things they like and push them in that direction. I love making people feel special. I do this all by listening and being genuinely interested in others.

I feel at home.

I am even shaking typing this because I feel like I am in my zone. I also feel like I can connect with others who love Psychology the way that I do. I want to connect with others and share the love of the art. It is an art. It is an art interacting with people. I just love people.

So don’t run away from your talents or your calling. It is what makes you magical. I am magic and so are you.

So go make magic.

-xoxo Candice

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