Just Write!


The last time I wrote a poem

It feels so good just to write again.

It feels like everything is right again.

I find myself getting lost in the “That’s right!” again

Not knowing that I just need to use my mind again


When my mind is all over the place

I just need to sit down and not pace

Look my problems right in the face

But I say I don’t have time to sit and debate


I have a deadline to meet

The problems, this mind, it just won’t sleep

I wish I could just escape and think

When really all is need is a page and ink


So writers, just write, no thinking

Just a moment of meditation and being empty

You are the greatest, just speak it

Better yet, no speaking, just ink it


Writers, do what you do best and write. Your mind is a beautiful thing. So let the world see. Don’t keep all of your thoughts inside. We need to know what you are creating inside there. Don’t be selfish. We need it. We need you.

-xoxo Candice



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