We are creators. We create.

IMG_4114We are creators. We create. That is what we do. We direct movies. We write songs. We write plays. We take what was in our head and make it a reality. We design clothes. We make jewlery. We paint pictures. We make art. We are creators. We have a silly little thought that turns into a motion pictures because thats how we envisioned the world to be. That is how we envisioned our slice of the world to be. We are of this world because we were created and we are continuing to make new entities. This blog, my vision, was merely an idea sparked by Live Your Legend and now it’s come to fruition. I dreamt of having a location independent life purpose that would inspire people to pursue their dreams. Here I have it. I create useful material for people. If you want to be a writer, then write. If you want to be a singer, then sing. If you want to be a website designer, then design. All it takes is a thought and and consistent action…then you recieve what you have been desiring. Being a creative comes with many things. Here I will only list 3 to keep this post short:

1.We are highly sensitive because we value the work that we do. Our art is a reflection of us so to judge our work is to judge our very selves. We are in tune with the world around us. We can pick up on all emotions and the like.

2. We are day dreamers. We spend our lives in the clouds. We aren’t spacey. We are constantly trying to make our dreams come true. Or someone else dreams come true. We like to take the dream and make it happen.

3. We do not like the word “impossible”. We believe that most (if not everything) is possible. All you need is the right mindset and courage, then it is possible. I heard a quote:

“Everything was impossible until someone did it.”

So get out there. Go create!

-xoxo Candice


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