6 Steps to being happy and job-free

“Don’t be a complainer; make things better, let it go, or take action to make it better.” – Tina Roth Eisenberg, Tattly Founder

Steps to quitting my job:

1. Quitting over 100 jobs

Well, my first step to quitting my curent job is self explanatory. Every single job I have ever had, I quit. Or I fired myself. I said to myself that I deserved better. Whatever “better” meant. I worked there for a month and quit. The list includes being a

Kroger cashier

call center representative

knife salesman

Comcast Cable representative

social worker

laundry lady at a country club

and even a flight attendant

I wasn’t bad at these jobs, I just disliked them with a passion.

2. Admitting that I wasn’t a good employee

photo (1)

Oh!, I worked as mall concierge for 3 years, too!

Hey, if anyone needs to tell the truth, it needs to be you. I am not a good employee in fact I suck. I don’t have any enthusiasm for the work that I did. Not that I didn’t show up orwas late but…. I didn’t care. When I was truthful with myself about that, I opened a lot of doors for myself. I, then, became honest about the things I did care about. Which was building something that mattered to me. I realized that I wanted to do work that mattered. I didn’t care for the money. Money didn’t drive me but making a difference did.


3. Minimizing the s*** out of my life!

I became a minimalist. Not in a “I only own 100 things way” but I did my own variation. I IMG_0288owned a truck. A nice beaut. A 2011 Dodge Ram 1500. Boy oh Boy did I love Chocolate! She was my baby. I didn’t drive her much because I still owned my get-around-car (I’ll tell you more about her later). I drove Chocolate on the weekends. Music loudly playing as I zoomed down I75. Well, Chocolate was an expensive little thing. She cost me $475 a month plus $150 in car insurance PLUS premium gas. (Now, you see why I only drove her on the weekend). That was eating all of my meek check as a Social Worker. Then, I had to pay rent & eat! Well, if I have to choose between eating and paying for a weekend truck, the choice becomes quite apparent. So I sold her. Yup I sold her AND was upside down $4,000. I had to pay the dealership $4,000 for them to take her. Not including the $4,000 I put down on her at the time of purchase or the repairs within the year and a half I had her. I kept driving my get around car and it was okay and it still is okay 10 months later. 🙂

3. I stopped worrying about what people thought of me

I began being okay with what I had. I had to mentally and emotionally decide that I didn’t need the newest iPhone or the most expensive heels. I didn’t need an expensive wardrobe to feel good about myself. If I did need something, I thrifted for it. But I haven’t NEEDED anything so far. My sneakers no longer cost $90 but I got some nice ones at Sears for $15 and guess what, they still cover my feet just the same. 🙂

4. Eating healthier


I still splurge on eating out from time to time but I do a lot more healthy eating. It saves me so much money! I would spend $40 a day on food by eating out. But now, I don’t

spend money on food daily but I practice a healthier diet by cooking at home. Even as a fight attendant, I eat more fruit that I can just carry with me instead of eating airport food.

5. I got rid of people who didn’t support me.

It is amazing how many people will support you and your new way of life. You just have to weed out the ones who don’t. Get friends who understand your decisions to stop eating or spending money therefore they won’t invite you out to do those things but will encourage other ways to have fun.

6. Trying to work for someone else once more.

I applied to be a flight attendant.

Well, I don’t have to tell you how that’s going….you see the title.

All of the above are my steps that I took to be where I am today. It was more mental than anything. Now that I am not tied to material things, I can get more creative. Yes, I still have bills and responsibilities but I saved a lot and I was able to budget for those things. My goal is to be realeased from my job but I can’t if I still hold an attachment to all of the things that kept me there. I began to evaluate what I really needed for my bills. Most importantly, I had to see who I was without the job title.

I will repeat that.

I had to see who I was without the job title.

That is the biggest challenge to date. Not knowing who I am without a job description telling me so.

It is possible to leave your soul sucking job. You just have to make a plan to make it happen.

Come on guys. Is your job sucking the soul out of you? Do you have a plan to leave? If so, I want to hear it!

-xoxo Candice


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