4 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Pursue Your Dreams!

  1. Stop Caring What Others Think

I can’t think of a better #1. I remember when I first started this journey of following my own passion, I would always wonder what people would think of me. I would almost NOT write because I was afraid that people would judge me or think I have gone off the deep end. Everyone around me knows the 9-5 life. However, I am going against the grain. I don’t believe in 9-5’s or ignoring what my heart tells me. Yet, I was doing just that. No one around me has ever started a blog or even attempted to help any one on a wide scale. Still I was letting everyones opinion stop me. In order for me to be successful IN MY OWN EYES, I had to follow my thoughts of success was. It was no other way around it. Sure, there are going to be people around you (namely family and friends) who have an idea of how your life should be but don’t listen. (Don’t completely disregard what they are saying but take everything with a grain of salt). You are the best expert of you. Remember, people give advice from their own perspective and see things in their own reality. Find people who are attempting the same thing as you are or taking the same scale risks because they are going to have a different viewpoint than someone who isn’t going in your direction. Constructive criticism should be welcomed to perfect your craft but remember to follow your own light as well.

2.  Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This could potentially kill you. Your art is your art. Your job is your job. Your happiness is your happiness. Your life is your life. We are all on paths and we all have life events; be it good or bad but we do. You never know where they are in life. They could be at the top of their success and you could be just starting. What is important is that you have made progress on your life path. For instance, if you are a writer and see others who have have 3 best sellers, it is confidence suicide to compare. We all are beginners at some point. You may not have seen them at the beginning. Usually no one “sees” you at the beginning. Social Media makes it hard to do at times. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Myspace… Most times you are harmlessly scrolling at night or in the morning and think that you are catching up on things. However, you see that Lindsey got a new 2017 BMW or you see John started a Marketing Business; You even see that your old high school crush got married! Yet here you are. You instantly feel bad about where you are in life. You instantly start doubting yourself. You compare your life with theirs because of what you think they have and what you lack. Social Media can be a great for entertainment or using it constructively but BE MINDFUL. Social Media can be harmful when pursing your dreams because you get lost in comparison! Compare yourself to how far you have come! Judge yourself based on where you were yesterday. You are doing GREAT on your journey. Take this time to congratulate yourself for being the best you. 

  3. Stop Letting Fear Paralyze You

It is the scariest thing to follow your dreams because you hold them dear to your heart. You love your dreams just as you would a loved one and will protect them by any means. However, you could be THE ONLY ONE standing in the way! It is amazing to see how much we stand in our own way. Fear is real. Fear feels real. However, fear has a better way of working for your if you turn that into a compass. Whenever you feel fear, just know that that is something that you absolutely SHOULD do! It is stepping out of your comfort zone. I like the quote:

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone!

And it’s true. Feel fear and do it anyway. It is liberating. You feel confident knowing that you were afraid of something BUT YOU DID IT! Ahhhhh!!! What a feeling!!! I knew starting this blog scared the heavens out of me but I did it anyway because it is what I wanted. Don’t you think you deserve everything you want?


4. Stop Denying/Ignoring What Your Soul Needs

I worked at over 100 jobs in the past 5 years. I did that because I was ignoring what I truly wanted. I would get a job and stay there for 1 month and then quit. 1 month! Was I crazy, yes and no! Why did I continue to take jobs which I know that are bad for me? Why did I continue to do things that I did not like? Why did I ignore what my soul was telling me during the interview? My soul has a funny way of talking. It is loud and most times obnoxious. It shifts when it is uncomfortable and makes me stay up at night on the internet looking for things to make itself happy. It doesn’t stop until I stop ignoring it. It is a pesky little thing! Once I stopped ignoring it and followed my heart….my soul smiled! Your soul knows whats good for you. You just feel it. You know that when you are in the zone doing a project because it feels good. You lose track of time. YOU JUST FEEL GOOD! You smile through a conversation when talking about said thing! You feel compelled to keep doing what your soul needs! You feel the burn! But if you deny it or ignore it….it will bother you like Summer Break Children on a Saturday Morning. It will bother you like an itch you haven’t scratched. It will bother you like bill collectors who you have no intention on paying back. DO YOURSELF THE FAVOR AND ANSWER THAT CALL. NO ONE IS GOING TO BENEFIT GREATER THAN YOU!

(P.s. If anyone wants to talk, have something you want to get off of your chest, or just want to figure things out, then contact me. I am pretty open & we are all on some journey…we can figure it out together :-))

-xoxo Candice


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