What do people thank you for?


My friends tell me that I am a good listener. People thank me for listening. I suppose I am a good listener. Well, I just love listening to people and I believe that people have unique stories. They are intriguing. I love it. People come to me when they are frustrated and need someone to listen. This is something I can do everyday without pay. I don’t mind not getting paid for it because it makes me feel good. So, that’s payment enough. People thank me of listening but I thank them for sharing. There is something extremely intimate when people share their vulnerabilities with you. It shows that they trust you. I am happy to be able to listen to people’s darkest secrets and they feel secure with that.


I guess people can be a lot of things but to be trusted is a great compliment in itself. That makes my heart smile. It is an honor.

I wonder what makes someone feel comfortable enough to share those insecurities and troubles? I wonder if I have a gift? 😉 🙂

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