Some Interesting Things About Me….

I am Candice. This is my first blog. It isn’t the paid blog. My best friend highly advised me not to go with the paid blog because of my instability and inconsistency. I told her that she knew me better than I knew myself. My intentions are good. My follow through…..

Well not so much. So, that’s me in ONE conversation. My intentions are awesome but I get bored and move on easily. What’s wrong with me? I know I’m weird. Lazy? Idk. Nothing ever interests me long enough to keep doing it. However, I like this concept of becoming a Self Expert. That’s interesting to write about: Yourself.

Unstable, Goofy, super sketchy sometimes. Umm, well I want to become a better Self Expert and relieve some stress in the process. So here I am in a coffee shop. Java Monkeys, maybe? I thought it was going to be a swanky place to write and be creative. I am a night owl and it stays open until 2am. So here I am. There’s about 5 people here with their laptops typing away. I assume this is a daily routine for them because it is a Monday afternoon in July so I have to cross out school. I like being around creatives. I sit here and imagine what their hobbies are. What are they creating? I want to ask but the introvert in me strays away. So I listen to Jay-Z’s new album 4:44.

I would like it better if I had my own little corner. Okay enough about that. I didn’t make this blog to rag on myself. Although, I think it is would be a good idea to create a space where we can all admit our faults and not be judged for it. Maybe anonymously.

Maybe writing isn’t about figuring out how we are DIFFERENT but maybe about how we are all the same.

Here I am world. I am Candice guys and it is very nice to meet you. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere Candace โ˜บ
    I love your tagline: “writing isnโ€™t about figuring out how we are DIFFERENT but about how we are all the same”


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