So I’m a Flight Attendant…


*Views from the plane*

I am on a roll.

I am a Flight Attendant.

BUT I am off right now. I am going out of town this weekend. I am going to be driving instead of flying. I plan to take a trip every weekend. I choose the weekend because my best friend has a 9-5 and she doesn’t want to travel without her. She loves me. I want to blog about the “small” trips I take every weekend. At the start of this year, we went to several places, some I never been before, some I have. I thought I found what I wanted to do! Which was to travel!


Naturally,  I apply to ever travel job I could think of. Courier, Traveling HVAC, even an entry level Welder. LOL. I mean really. I was determined. I never thought about applying to be a flight attendant. I am 5’7 and very much not a size 2. Isn’t that the qualifications?

Well, I applied. I applied to Delta, Norwegian, Southwest, Spirit, and even regionals such as Go Jet. I even drove to Missouri from Atlanta for the Go Jet interview. Purchased a $200 suit to look like “Flight Attendant”.

Round 1: “You will not be moving to the next round.”

Is it because I’m black? Nope that wasn’t it! It was because I am of average weight! No! That wasn’t it! Every single thing went through my mind.

There were barbie dolls in there. I mean Vanna Whites children were there. Some even look like they were already FA’s. It was amazing. They make you stand in front of everyone and answer a question. You are on stage and YOU BETTER perform! One girl stood close to 5’11, blond hair, but eyes, southern accent, and a smile to DIE for. She was dressed in a white shirt, a black shirt, as well as the signature FA scarf. BEAUTIFUL & answered the question perfectly.

“Who is the most influential person in your life?”

You would have thought she answered “Jesus” and everyone in the room was devout Christians. However, she just had “IT” and “IT” did it for “THEM”. I wanted some of the “IT” she possessed. But I digress. I wasn’t selected.

Maybe I should have purchased that damned Flight Attendant scarf!

However, after endless video interviews, I did get picked for a GREAT airlines. I am glad that my “IT” worked for them. They are as cooky as I am and they loved it! So right now I am employed by that airlines. Why am I still in the need of more travel? More freedom? More freedom?

More freedom?

How ungrateful Candice.

How can someone complain about being a flight attendant?

Well, at the end of the day, you are still working for someone else and that someone else has a very strict schedule that you better adhere to. So, right now I am on a little leave and I will take my own trips. On my own. Create my own schedule.

Create my own.

Create my own. Yes. 🙂

-xoxox Candice

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