News Flash: You are the reason your life sucks!


Todays writing prompt is “What revolution will you lead?”

The Passionate ONE that begs this question:

Have you ever been sitting at the desk at your job and thought “F*ck this Sh*t!”?

Well I have and I am sure at least 2 out of 3 people you know feels the same way.

But WHY? Why do we torture ourselves knowing we hate what we do? We dread Mondays! We dread meetings. We even dread work clothes. We don’t like our bosses. We aren’t morning people. We hate traffic. We don’t like the commute. We don’t like spending all of our money at lunch. We don’t even like the people we work with. HOWEVER, WE CHOOSE IT!

We really hate what we do. We have a severe case of cognitive dissonance. But see thats the thing! It is something “we do”. We aren’t forced to do things we hate. We choose them. Especially with work. We have an active choice on whether or not we are going to get out of bed in the morning. We choose what to wear to work. We even choose to get into the car to drive to work. That is a lot of choices! & Yet we choose the same misery day in and day out.

Don’t we deserve to be happy? I know I do. What if we choose differently? What if we say, “Actually, I am NOT going to apply for this job because NOTHING about the job description excites me.” What if we choose to take another way to work or wear another outfit? We have choices and free will. We owe it to ourselves to choose another way. Even in relationships. If she/he doesn’t make you happy, then it is time to reevaluate.

My revolution is getting the conversation started about choosing happiness in all that we do and not to be trapped in our own minds. Realistically, we all do things we don’t like because we can’t avoid them. However, there are some parts of ourselves that we are ignoring. Why not do the things we LOVE? Why not surround ourselves with all of the ingredients of what makes a happy life? Why not do the things we get lost in? WHY NOT?

My revolution is for the explorers, wanderlust’s, and the people who just want to be happy!

I promise that you can be happy. I back it up by my 30 day guarantee. Try some things that you enjoy doing for at least 30 days and I promise it will make you smile. Even just for a little bit. Get lost in that child like wander. It doesn’t mean quit your job. Or even to take time off. It means to allow yourself just a little time to look back on the things that make you happy and explore it a little. Read a book about it. Write about it. Watch a video on it. Listen to it. Live it. Breath it. Talk to your spouse about it. Talk to your mother about it. Just explore it.

It will feel good. I promise. And if it doesn’t…..

You can choose to choose another thing. 🙂

-xoxo Candice

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