Everyone should have an elevator pitch, right?


As apart of the Live Your Legend blog challenge, this writing prompt is entitled, “Your Elevator Pitch.” More specifically what I am hoping to build? What do I get excited about (business or personal). What are some things that I get totally excited about?

Welllll, I thought you’d never ask. 😀

I am following my dream right now. I am fully living. I am fully loving myself. I can travel as much as I want and of exactly what I want and I love it. I travel to places that I have never been. I spend time in coffee shops and I listen to music and or podcasts whenever I want. I get to meet new and exciting people all of the time. I spend all of my time daydreaming. I dream and I live. I want something that seems impossible!

I live and I love.

I live and I love.

I live and I love.

Vaguely speaking. To be more specific, I live a very free lifestyle whether I am flying (working) or when Im not. Because I am on a break, I am even more free. I am passionate about living the life that I want to live. Wholeheartedly.

Simply put, I live my life on my own terms because I am following my dreams of being a passion coach. (Wow that is the first time I put it out there to the public!) I am very afraid. I am very afraid. I am sensitive about what I hold dear to my heart and since this is something that I care about deeply, I do feel….scared about sharing my passion.

However, I know that I am here to help people live the way they TRULY want to live. A life full of passion and love. I took the jump to do ONLY what makes my heart sing and I want to inspire and encourage people to do the same!

I know how hard it was to give up all of what I had ( a successful job, a relationship of 3 years, as well as forgetting about what my family and friends would think of me). I gave it all up in order to live the life I wanted to live. So I took a break from my job as a Flight Attendant and I am diving head first to connect with ALL of the people who are having trouble following their heart!

I am going to be of help for people to follow their dreams and know that life is so short and precious. I am in this position to show that living your dreams can be done. It is possible. It is possible to be happy. It is possible to dream.

So I implore you…..




-xoxoxo Candice

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