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​This is Day 2 of the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge. It is a 7 days challenge to write about various writing topics which are already determined. The late Scott Dinsmore’s team organized this challenge in honor of the late legend. This particular topic is about things that anger me.

I have so many things that angers me. I mean a heavy list of things that gets me upset. I will skip the dramatics and get into the thick of things.

#1. This passion thing.

At the moment, I am in transition mode with transitioning jobs and what not. So it leaves me with limited funds and an awesome friend. However, I am basically homeless. I don’t have the means to live on my own because right now I am figuring out what to do with the life. I stay up late at night scouring the internet trying to find answers. I try to find people who have the same issue as me. I am currently homeless, passionless, and alone. What is a girl to do? Be angry thats what. I have a knot in my back every day I wake because I still feel like I am wasting my life. I don’t want to wake up and realize my life has gone by and I have nothing to show for it. Yet here I am. 27 and seemingly useless. I mean useless with a capital “U”. It makes me angry because it SEEMS like no one is going through this but me. Everyone can sleep well at night but not me. My iPhone screen glows in anticipation for words like…”How do I find my passion?” Google finishes for me.

The links are already highlighted until the 6th page. “You visited this site 7/6/2017”.

“Yeah I know Google, so let me visit it again…. if you don’t mind.” (Side eyes Google)

But the answers haven’t jumped out to me in some grand revelation. Maybe this whole passion thing is a crock of stuff and people are just born doctors or drawing artists. In fact, God must have missed putting that passion ingredient into me. Damnit.

#2. These society standards. GO TO SCHOOL. GET A JOB. MARRY. HAVE A KID. 

What if none of those resonates with you? Are their any other options?

I ran across this once. Hehe. See below:

Society: Just Be You. Do what you like!

Me: *Does me.*

Society: Yeah, just not like that.

#3. Poor customer Service.

I don’t like poor customer service. I mean what will it take to just love your job or quit? I guess because I treat everyone with great service but sometimes you run into a few who don’t treat you the same. Which sucks. I love people and I just want to be treated well at an establishment. However, I still smile and still tip. Maybe I can be the light in their day. 🙂 I don’t know guys. This is me just ranting.
What makes your angry? What just grinds your gears?

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